In order to conduct transportation effectively and as environmentally-friendly and at the lowest possible cost as possible, different modes of transportation such as lorry, rail and ferries / boats are used in conjunction with one another to create what is known as intermodal transportation. If customers’ cargoes need the use of more than one transportation mode during national transportation, different routes are planned to facilitate easy transportation and in this regard, Tam Logistics offers intermodal transportation solutions suitable for customer expectations and requirements.


The loads are directly and quickly transferred from one vehicle to the other without performing any extra unloading work thanks to the special containers used during this transportation process. Optimum time and maximum environmentalism are targeted with this transportation model combining road, railway and maritime transportations. 


Advantages of Intermodal Transport

•Intermodal transportation allows your cargo to reach to the point of destination in optimum time without being affected by weather and road conditions thanks to the combined transportation system used.

• It allows for reduction of CO2 emissions compared to road transportation. Therefore, it is an extremely environmental-friendly and clean transportation system. 

 • It is reliable with fixed transportation times.